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Carpentry Projects and Solutions

We have developed am industrial carpentry process,
allowing us to carefully create any desired product
in high or low amounts.


Our kitchens are functional, clean and with the design you desire.
Designed for you (or by you),
Designed for tasty moments.


Stairs with comfort and durability.
Challenge us to create the staircase you want to use.


For him, for her. To start great mornings and finish your days even better.
Our closets are customized and of full of quality.

Interior and Exterior doors

First impressions are important.
Want a different exterior door?

Take care of yourself, take care of your space.
Want unique interior doors?


For the unforgettable evenings or early sunrise sessions.
For big family lunches. For special moments.
We are not only poetic, we are also efficient.

Wood Structures

Our passion for wood extends from our roots
to our own being.

Bet on us to develop your wood project.

Challenge us!

We bet that we are able to accomplish your project efficiently and with high quality.

Do you want to bet on us?

They bet on us

Our Portfolio

Abous us

If Poligna was... a person

At Poligna – Projects and Solutions of Carpentry we work on processes of industrial carpentry. With the values ​​of efficiency, quality and transparency, our goal is to approach challenging projects. Our industrial methodology allows us to respond to industrial projects of large quantities or to the singularity of customised ideas.

Although Poligna was born in 2018 as a brand, we stand out for its extensive background. Poligna is part of the company AJI Indústria de Madeiras, which has 30 years of experience in woodworking and grants us direct access to high quality wood. Poligna now takes on the role of her  “sister”, the company “Palex Madeira e Alumínios”, continuing and increasing the value of the carpentry projects.

The name “Poligna” comes from the Portuguese word “Polivalente” (polyvalent) and from Latin “Ligna” meaning wood. Our products are produced with attention to detail, demonstrating refinement.

We can say that we produce: Polished Carpentry.

If Poligna was... a person

Acelerada mas exigente e perfeccionista.
Odeia perder. Adora apostas.
É boa entendedora, meia palavra basta.
Uma energia e garra que leva tudo à frente.
Corre todas as manhãs na floresta ao som de grandes músicas.
Gosta de matemática e de fórmulas, de preciosismos.
Aprecia arte e o belo, em especial escultura.
Também aprecia arquitectura, espaços bem pensados.
É uma freak da organização.
Gosta de metodologias, de procurar processos de forma a garantir a maior produtividade e qualidade.
Acredita que vale a pena investir na preparação para a execução correr sem falhas.

Our Partnerships

We believe in the potential of partnerships.
Inserted in a Group of companies, you have direct access to complementary services.

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